9 Best Polish Restaurants in CT

If you’re looking for Polish food in Connecticut, you came to the right place. The state has plenty of restaurants that serve up delicious pierogies, kielbasa, and other traditional Polish cuisines.

That’s why I recently tried all of the most popular Polish restaurants in CT to see which ones are the best. Here’s what I found.

A plate of pierogies at a Polish restaurant in CT.

Top Polish Restaurants in Connecticut

1. Staropolska Restaurant – New Britain

Staropolska Restaurant is among the top Polish restaurants in Connecticut. This spot serves Polish food in generous portion sizes, plus it’s tasty and offered at an affordable price.

A few of the featured dishes on the menu include pierogis, pork cutlets, schnitzel, kielbasa, and chicken breast. The restaurant offers a range of lunch sandwiches as well.

  • Address: 252 Broad St, New Britain, CT

2. PolishPlate – Southington

PolishPlate is another popular Polish restaurant in CT. Some of the dishes you can order here include pierogis, potato pancakes, smoked salmon, breaded cutlets, and BBQ ribs.

You can expect delicious food and amazing service every time. Dining here is always a great experience. But you’re also able to order your food for takeout or delivery.

  • Address: 1095 West St #7, Southington, CT

3. The Rogi Shoppe – Shelton

The Rogi Shoppe is an excellent place to grab authentic Polish pierogies in CT. All of the pierogies here are made in small batches and come in unique flavors.

Some of the pierogi flavors featured on the menu here include kraut & mushroom, potato & cheddar, steak & cheese, pork, and spinach & cheese.

They offer other Polish dishes as well, like kielbasa, potato pancakes, soups, salads, and stuffed cabbage.

  • Address: 55 Bridge St, Shelton, CT

4. Baltic Restaurant – New Britain

Baltic Restaurant is another one of Connecticut’s Polish restaurants located in New Britain. This banquet hall has been serving traditional Polish-American cuisine in Connecticut for over 25 years.

You’re able to order dishes like veal cutlets, kielbasa with sauerkraut, braised pork, and beef stew. You can find this Polish restaurant in Berlin, right off Route 9.

  • Address: 237 New Britain Rd, Berlin, CT

5. Belvedere Cafe and Restaurant – New Britain

Belvedere Cafe and Restaurant is a great place to find authentic, yet reasonably-priced Polish and European food. It’s also a fantastic place to eat dinner if you like dining in.

You can order all the traditional Polish cuisines like grilled kielbasa, potato pancakes, pierogies, stuffed cabbage, pork chops, and fish. Plus, the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor dining on its patio.

  • Address: 82 Broad St, New Britain, CT 

6. Lasowiak Deli – Bridgeport

Lasowiak Deli is one more Connecticut Polish restaurant found in the southern part of the state. Actually, it’s a deli, but the food is so good I had to include it on this list.

You can order fresh-cut meat, Polish breads & pastries, homemade pierogies, and stuffed cabbage. This place really stands out, especially considering Bridgeport is known for its Portuguese restaurants.

  • Address: 2171 Boston Ave, Bridgeport, CT

7. Taste of Poland – New Britain & Stamford

Taste of Poland is a top-rated Polish restaurant in Connecticut with locations in New Britain and Stamford.

The food is great and the prices here are very affordable. I recommend ordering the Polish sausage or the chicken cutlets. The potato pancakes are tasty as well.

  • Address: 99 Broad St, New Britain, CT

8. Warszawa Polish Restaurant – Ansonia

Warszawa Polish Restaurant is one more place to grab authentic Polish food. Located in Ansonia, you’ll be blown away by the service offered here.

Aside from the amazing staff, the menu features great dishes like Hungarian pancakes, potato dumplings, breaded chicken breast, pork goulash, and fried Polish sausage.

The restaurant has a ton of excellent appetizers, sides, and entrees to choose from. There’s truly something for everyone at Warszawa Polish Restaurant.

  • Address: 350 Main St, Ansonia, CT

9. EuroPLATE Polish Restaurant – New Britain, CT

EuroPLATE Polish Restaurant is the final place to get Polish food on this list. The chefs here never disappoint, offering plenty of delicious Polish delicacies to select from.

You can order Polish pierogies, stuffed cabbage, meatloaf, pork loin, fish, meatballs, baked beans goulash, and blood sausage, just to name a few dishes.

  • Address: 100 Broad St, New Britain, CT

Other Places to Get Polish Food in Connecticut

Aside from the restaurants already mentioned, here are a few other Polish eateries, delis, and grocery stores to check out:

  • Pierogi Queen Bakery and Delicatessen in Enfield
  • Polonez Deli in Shelton
  • Adam’s Polish Foods in Vernon (grocery store)
  • Fils Polish American Deli in Cromwell (grocery store)

Polish Restaurants CT – Final Thoughts

Those are some of the best CT Polish restaurants. Wherever you decide to eat, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy CT’s delicious Polish cuisine.

If you’re looking for other traditional European restaurants, you may also want to check out these Italian, French, and German restaurants in CT.