Playgrounds in CT – Top 17 Connecticut Playgrounds for Kids

Connecticut has no shortage of playgrounds for your kids to explore. Whether you live in Hartford, New Haven, Fairfield, or Greenwich, there are plenty of playscapes in every town.

But aside from the generic playgrounds found at local schools, some playgrounds are better than others. That’s why I put together this list of the overall best playgrounds in CT. Let’s dive in.

A playground in CT.

Best Playgrounds in Connecticut

1. Adam’s Adventure – Tolland

Adam’s Adventure is one of the most popular playgrounds in Connecticut. The playground was designed for kids of all ability levels, including children with mobility and cognitive impairments.

The park has a variety of colorful play structures for kids, like slides, swings, ramps, and climbing structures, along with soccer and baseball fields.

  • Address: Cross Farms Recreation Area, 167 Rhodes Rd, Tolland, CT 

2. Nevers Park – South Windsor

Nevers Park is a great playground found in northern Connecticut. Located near the South Windsor High School, this park has all kinds of activities for kids.

The playscape features everything from swings and slides to monkey bars and balance beams. There are also large fields where your kids can play sports.

  • Address: Chief Ryan Way, South Windsor, CT 

3. Pease Place Community Playground – Woodbridge

Pease Place Community Playground is located in Woodbridge, Connecticut. This playground has two main playscapes, one for kids ages 2-5 and one for kids ages 5-12.

The playground has fun activities like swings, climbing structures, slides, monkey bars, musical instruments, merry-go-rounds, hopscotch, a basketball court, benches, and picnic tables.

  • Address: 160 Pease Rd, Woodbridge, CT

4. Jonathan’s Dream – West Hartford

Jonathan’s Dream is a massive outdoor playground in West Hartford. The playground was built to provide an inclusive, accessible play space for families and children of all abilities.

The park has plenty of attractions, like zip lines, climbing structures, swings, and much more.

  • Address: 355 Bloomfield Ave, West Hartford, CT

5. Hannah’s Dream Playground – New Haven

Hannah’s Dream Playground is one of the largest playscapes in New Haven. It has a number of things for kids to play on, like ladders, slides, monkey bars, and sliding poles.

The park even has a tire swing, a seesaw, and a sandbox. You can visit Hannah’s Dream Playground at East Shore Park near the New Haven shoreline.

This playground isn’t located too far from Lighthouse Point Park, which is one of the best beaches in New Haven.

  • Address: 274 Woodward Ave #202, New Haven, CT 

6. Devon’s Place – Norwalk

Devon’s Place is another popular playground in CT. It’s a clean family-friendly park located next to the Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk.

Your kids will be able to have some fun on the swings, slides, and seesaws. There’s also a cool lighthouse fort to explore.

  • Address: 295 West Ave, Norwalk, CT

7. Butternut Hollow Park – Middletown

Butternut Hollow Park is an excellent park in central Connecticut. It’s perfect for toddlers since the playground’s surface is made of a rubbery springy material that offers cushion if your kid falls.

There’s a massive 3-level playscape with climbing equipment, swings, ladders, and interactive electronic displays. The playground has plenty of benches, so it’s perfect for a picnic as well.

  • Address: Butternut Hollow Park, Middletown, CT

8. Mikey’s Place – Wethersfield

Mikey’s Place is a CT playground located in Wethersfield. It was designed to be inclusive for kids of all abilities including those in wheelchairs.

The park is well-maintained and has benches, fields, slides, swings, and bridges.

  • Address: 314-338 Garden St, Wethersfield, CT

9. Kids in Motion Playground at Bartlem Park – Cheshire

Kids in Motion Playground at Bartlem Park is a great playground in Cheshire. It offers recreational fun for children of all abilities.

You kids can climb on the giant rope structure or ride on the swings, the small rock climbing wall, the seesaw, the small roundabout, or plenty of other climbing structures.

  • Address: 520 S Main St, Cheshire, CT

10. Wickham Park – Manchester

Wickham Park is one of Connecticut’s best public parks. Located in Manchester, this place has 3 public playgrounds to explore.

Each of the playgrounds has attractions like swings, sandboxes, and slides. Plus, the park features plenty of gardens, ponds, and open fields, along with a small zoo with different types of birds.

This is by far one of the top parks in Manchester. I highly recommend it for families that live in the area.

  • Address: 1329 Middle Turnpike W, Manchester, CT

11. Toby May Park – New London

Toby May Park is home to a fantastic playground in Connecticut. Located in New London, this playground has swings, slides, ladders, monkey bars, balancing steps, basketball courts, and tennis courts.

The playground also isn’t too far from Ocean Beach Park, which is one of the best beaches in Connecticut.

  • Address: 611 Ocean Ave, New London, CT

12. Salmon Brook Park – Granby

Salmon Brook Park has a great playground for kids in Granby. The park has large platforms for kids to run on, along with swings, slides, and ladders.

Plus, this fenced playground has open fields for a variety of other sports and activities.

  • Address: Salmon Brook Park Rd, Granby, CT

13. Elm Ridge Park – Rocky Hill

Elm Ridge Park has one of CT’s best playgrounds in Rocky Hill. The fun area features a jungle gym for climbing, slides, swings, a roundabout, and sliding zip lines.

The playground also has a pavilion with charcoal gills which are perfect for having a picnic with your family.

  • Address: Elm St, Rocky Hill, CT

14. Josh’s Jungle All Abilities Playground – Hamden

Josh’s Jungle All Abilities Playground is a fun jungle-themed playground in Hamden. This fenced play area for children has a number of life-sized animal displays along with a big playscape.

The playground features tons of platforms that your kids can run and jump on, along with slides and several structures for climbing.

  • Address: 2875 Dixwell Ave, Hamden, CT

15. Panthorn Park – Southington

Panthorn Park is a great day-trip destination to visit with your children in Southington, Connecticut. The park has basketball courts, a fishing pond, disk golf, fields, a picnic area, and a playground.

The playground features slides, swings, tunnels, climbing stairs, and a sandbox. This playground is geared towards smaller children so it’s great for toddlers.

  • Address: 485 Burritt St, Plantsville, CT 

16. Ana Grace Playground at Elizabeth Park – Hartford

Ana Grace Playground at Elizabeth Park is one of the top Connecticut playgrounds in Hartford. It’s a small playground with swings, slides, rope-climbing structures, and running platforms.

The park is quite large so it’s great for picnics. Plus, there are restrooms nearby as well.

  • Address: 178-202 Elizabeth St, Hartford, CT

17. Buckingham Road Recreation Area – Avon, CT

Buckingham Road Recreation Area is the home of one more Connecticut playground. Located in Avon, this playground features slides, a rock climbing wall, and swings.

There’s also a pavilion if you want to have a picnic or packed lunch for your kids.

  • Address: 11 Buckingham Rd, Avon, CT

Other Fun Parks to Visit with Your Kids in Connecticut

Aside from the playgrounds already mentioned, Connecticut has plenty of other great play areas. Here are some other CT playgrounds that your kids can enjoy:

  • Stonington Borough Playground in Stonington
  • Robert Tedford Memorial Park in Ellington
  • Bruce Park Playground in Greenwich
  • Grove Street Park & Playground in Essex

There’s also a cool rope course at one of the furniture stores in CT. That’s worth checking out if you have older kids.

Playgrounds CT – Final Thoughts

Those are the best playgrounds in CT. All of these play areas are inclusive and open to everyone. So, parents from any town can bring their kids here. These parks have plenty of parking as well, so that’s never an issue.

If you’re looking for other fun activities for your kids, check out these articles about the best trampoline parks, laser tag arenas, arcades, ziplines, go-karts, mini-golf courses, and zoos in Connecticut.