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The Connecticut Entertainer is excited to announce that its family is growing. Connecticut Entertainer has recently announced it acquired the domain, which has been a major contributor to helping disengaged youth in the state of Connecticut. We welcome all visitors and followers of to join us as avid explorers of Connecticut.

Here are the details about,, and their future together.

Connecticut Partnership’s Mission – A Brief History

The Connecticut Partnership aimed to provide support to people in Connecticut who exhibit signs of disengagement or disconnection from school, the workforce, and/or the community. The objective was to address the conditions of poverty and directly impact these young individuals, their parents, and their communities positively. The Partnership for Connecticut also aimed to help small businesses in a wide variety of industries recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Connecticut Partnership is most known for its COVID-19 Response, where the partnership announced it will donate 60,000 laptops to high schoolers in a variety of school districts. However, the joint public-private venture was disbanded after less than 2 years after Ray Dalio expressed concerns over dysfunction. Dalio Philanthropies was among the largest contributors to the Connecticut Partnership and had initially pledged $100 million. Governor Ned Lamont and Ray Dalio officially disbanded The Partnership for Connecticut in 2020.

About Connecticut Entertainer

Years ago, the founders of Connecticut Entertainer realized that the state was missing a reliable source of up-to-date information for locals and visitors who wanted to make the most of their time in Connecticut. Today, Connecticut Entertainer has grown into one of the most valuable resources for everything related to Connecticut – from places to eat, places to stay, things to do, and facts about the state.

With an understanding of the importance and value of providing aid to the local community, including the contributions of in CT, Connecticut Entertainer is eager to continue supplying visitors to Connecticut with all the latest and most reliable information about the state.

Future Plans for The Partnership for Connecticut

The state of Connecticut has changed in recent years, especially after the global COVID-19 Pandemic. The lockdowns may be over, but there are plenty of disconnected youth and adults looking for things to do in Connecticut, and Connecticut Entertainer is looking forward to the opportunity to share its knowledge of Connecticut with the audience that The Partnership for Connecticut has built up over the years.

Although has now merged with Connecticut Entertainer, we will continue helping Connecticut residents by providing up-to-date information about the state.

Helping Restaurants in Connecticut

The Partnership for Connecticut aimed to help small businesses, including restaurants. That’s why we’ve put together a variety of guides to help people find the best restaurants in Connecticut. Whether you’re looking for pizza, seafood, brunch, Italian food, steakhouses, or lobster rolls we have you covered.

Connecticut also has plenty of excellent waterfront restaurants, wineries, breweries, and cocktail bars to try. There are just so many dining options for food and drinks in Connecticut, that it’s difficult to try them all.

Finding New Things to do in Connecticut

Connecticut offers a range of unique activities and things to do. From amusement parks and spas to hiking trails and beaches, there’s no shortage of attractions. There are also a number of shopping malls, shopping outlets, ski resorts, and swimming lakes to check out.

If you’re traveling to Connecticut for the first time you’ll also want to check out this CT map and list of Connecticut facts. Anyone considering moving to Connecticut or moving from one town to another should check out this guide to the best places to live in CT. Students considering going to school in Connecticut should also read these articles about the top colleges and community colleges in the state.

Helping Hotels in Connecticut

We also aim to help visitors find the best places to stay in Connecticut. Whether you’re on vacation or looking for a weekend getaway, the state offers an extensive list of fantastic bed & breakfasts, boutique hotels, and beachfront resorts.

If you’re traveling with kids, there are also a number of family-friendly hotels and hotels with indoor pools in CT. There are a few good pet-friendly hotels in the state too.

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