Connecticut vs New Hampshire (Pro & Con – Living Comparison)

If you’re moving to New England, Connecticut and New Hampshire are two of the most popular states to live in. However, each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

This article will cover some of the pros and cons of living in both New Hampshire and Connecticut, including the cost of living, tax rates, weather differences, and attractions offered by each state. By the end of this post, you should have a good picture of which state is better for you.

New Hampshire vs Connecticut

Cost of Living: Connecticut vs New Hampshire

The cost of living in Connecticut and New Hampshire is relatively the same, although Connecticut is slightly more expensive. The overall cost of living in New Hampshire is only about 5% above the national average, while Connecticut is about 10%.

Although Connecticut is a more expensive place to live as a whole, housing is actually cheaper in CT. The median home prices in New Hampshire are about 10% higher than in Connecticut.

So, the main discrepancy that makes CT more expensive is the higher cost of healthcare and transportation.

Taxes: CT vs NH

Taxes are one of the big reasons why people move to New Hampshire. There are no state income taxes or general sales taxes in the state. However, the property taxes on real estate and vehicles is relatively high.

When compared to New Hampshire’s 0% state income tax, Connecticut’s 3% to 6.99% looks pretty unappealing. However, I will say that the real estate taxes in Connecticut are lower than in New Hampshire (but not by much).

When you add up all of the local taxes, New Hampshire has an effective tax rate of 10%, which is one of the lowest on the east coast. Meanwhile, Connecticut’s effective tax rate is about 15%.

Weather: NH vs CT

New Hampshire and Connecticut both have similar climates. You can expect summer temperatures in the 80s, winter temperatures in the mid to low teens, and spring and fall temperatures in the 60s. However, New Hampshire is usually about 5 degrees colder than Connecticut on average.

The main difference is that NH gets about double the snow that CT receives. New Hampshire has harsh winters, with snow accumulation totaling an average of 72 inches a year. Connecticut only gets about 37 inches of snow per year.

The melting snow in the spring also brings a 1 to 2 month mud season in New Hampshire. Connecticut doesn’t really have this issue.

Entertainment: New Hampshire vs Connecticut

Connecticut and New Hampshire are known for their outdoor activities. Both states offer things like skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, kayaking, biking, and hiking. Although both places offer similar attractions, the snow sports are better in New Hampshire, and the water sports are better in Connecticut.

Both states also have beaches, but Connecticut’s beaches are far superior. The coastline in New Hampshire is only 13 miles, which is the shortest in the country.

Neither Connecticut nor New Hampshire is known for their nightlife, but I would argue that Connecticut’s bar and nightclub scene is better than New Hampshire’s.

Connecticut also has casinos and far better restaurants than New Hampshire (specifically seafood and pizza).

Other Differences & Similarities

Aside from some of the factors already mentioned, here are a few other important things you’re going to want to know before moving to New Hampshire or Connecticut.

  • Neither state has any major professional sports teams.
  • Neither state has a premier city, but Connecticut is close to New York City, and New Hampshire is close to Boston.
  • Both states have Ivy League schools, like Dartmouth University in New Hampshire and Yale in Connecticut.
  • Connecticut’s government seems to lean more liberal, while New Hampshire’s government seems to lean more conservative.
  • CT has 3 times the population of NH, but only half of the land mass.

Which State is Better? – Final Thoughts

Connecticut vs New Hampshire, which state is better? Both states have some considerable benefits and drawbacks, making it a tough choice to decide where to live.

I would argue New Hampshire is better if you want to live closer to nature with lower government intervention and taxes. NH is also fantastic for winter sports.

Connecticut would be the better place to live if you want to be in a suburban environment with closer access to major cities, specifically NYC. The winters in Connecticut are also much more manageable.

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