Connecticut Hotels

Connecticut isn’t necessarily known as a tourist destination, but the state has plenty of luxury and historic hotels. Whether you want to stay in a relaxing bed & breakfast or a casino resort, there’s an accommodation option that fits your needs.

A hostel CT.

Hostels in CT – 5 Best Connecticut Hostels

Staying at a hostel is an excellent way to save money while traveling. So if you’re visiting Connecticut on a budget, a hostel isn’t a bad option. However, there are only a handful of hostels in the state. That’s why we made a complete list of all the best hostels in CT. By the end…
A luxury hotel CT.

Luxury Hotels in CT: Top 5-Star Hotels in Connecticut

If you’re looking to stay at a luxury hotel in Connecticut, you came to the right place. We recently reviewed some of the top high-end resorts in the state, to see which ones are the best. There are a number of luxury hotels in CT, at a variety of different price points. Here are our…
A bed and breakfast CT.

15 Best Bed and Breakfasts in CT [2024 Update]

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway in Connecticut, you’re going to want to check out one of the many amazing bed and breakfasts in the state. These classic New England B&B’s come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from romantic cottages to historic inns on the coastline. Here’s our list of the…
A hotel Enfield, CT.

Best Hotels in Enfield, CT [Updated 2024]

If you’re looking for a hotel in Enfield Connecticut, you’re in luck. I’ve just put together a list comparing all of the top hotels and resorts in the area. Whether you’re looking for a hotel, motel, or luxury resort, there’s an accommodation in town that meets your needs. So without further ado, these are the…
A hotel Waterbury, CT.

Best Hotels in Waterbury, CT [2024 Update]

If you’re looking to book a hotel in Waterbury Connecticut, you came to the right place. While looking for a hotel in the area, I recently did a ton of research to see which properties are the best. This article will give you a clear overview of all of the best hotels in Waterbury CT,…
A family in a smoking hotel CT.

Best Hotels with Smoking Rooms in CT

Smoking rooms aren’t as common as they used to be in hotels, but you can still find them if you know where to look. Fortunately, I did most of the legwork for you. Below, you’ll find a list of the best hotels with smoking rooms in CT. Just know that smoking hotels usually aren’t as…
A family hotel CT

Family Hotels in CT – Best Kid-Friendly Resorts in Connecticut [2024]

If you’re traveling with kids in Connecticut, it pays to find a hotel that has some family-friendly amenities. A resort with an indoor pool or a nearby amusement park can go a long way in keeping your kids entertained. That’s why I was very particular about putting together this list of family-friendly hotels. Every property…
A boutique hotel CT.

Boutique Hotels in CT – 12 Most Unique Hotels in Connecticut

If you’re visiting Connecticut, it may be worthwhile to check out one of the many boutique hotels in the state. There are plenty of unique hotels in CT that offer an unforgettable experience you won’t be able to find anywhere else. These boutique hotels come in many shapes and sizes ranging from wooded cottages and…
Woman at a spa hotel CT.

Best Spa Hotels in CT

Booking a room at an all-inclusive spa resort is one of the best ways to get away for the weekend in Connecticut. But with so many highly-rated spas in the state, it can be difficult to decide where to go. If you’re not sure which spas are the best, I’ve got you covered. We recently reviewed all…
A dog at a pet-friendly hotel CT.

Pet Friendly Hotels in CT (Places that Allow Dogs in Connecticut)

I’ve compiled a list of all the best pet-friendly hotels in Connecticut – all of which will accommodate your beloved furry friend. These hotels are great for pet owners who need a spot to leave their pups, while still having the flexibility to explore the state. As it turns out, there are quite a few…
View from a beach hotel CT.

Beach Hotels in CT – 11 Best Connecticut Waterfront Resorts

Whether you’re on vacation in Connecticut or simply looking for a weekend getaway, everyone can appreciate a beautiful beachfront hotel. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of fresh sand between your toes or the sight of sailboats on Long Island Sound. If you’re not sure which are the best beach hotels in CT, we’ve got you…
A hotel jacuzzi CT.

Best Hotels With In-Room Jacuzzi in CT (Hot Tub & Whirlpool Suites)

Booking a hotel room with an in-room jacuzzi is an excellent way to spend quality time with your significant other or celebrate a special occasion. However, there are only a handful of hotels in Connecticut that have a jacuzzi or hot tub. So, while looking for a whirlpool suite myself, I did some research to…
A CT hotel with a pool.

Best Hotels with Pools in CT [2024 Update]

A hotel pool is an important part of any vacation. That’s why we recently published an article about the best Connecticut hotels with indoor swimming pools. As a follow-up to that post, I thought it made sense to write a more general article about hotel pools in CT, regardless of whether they’re indoors or outdoors….
A hotel with an indoor pool CT.

Best Hotels with Indoor Pools in CT [Updated 2024]

I was recently looking to book a hotel in Connecticut but was having a difficult time finding a property with an indoor swimming pool. So, I did some research to find out which Connecticut hotels actually have an indoor pool. As it turns out, there are quite a few options to choose from. That’s why…