8 Best Beaches in Milford, CT

Milford is home to some of the most popular beaches in all of Connecticut. But which ones are the best? I decided to find out for myself.

After spending the weekend swimming at all of the top Milford beaches, I finally have an answer. So without further ado, these are the best beaches in Milford, CT.

People at Silver Sands State Park, a wonderful beach in Milford, CT

Top Beaches in Milford, Connecticut

1. Silver Sands State Park

Silver Sands State Park is home to the most popular beach in Milford. The beach does get a bit crowded, but it’s very well-maintained.

There’s a ton to do at this beach including swimming, sunbathing, collecting sea shells, and going for walks on the water.

While hiking, you can choose to walk along the boardwalk or check out the cool land bridge that connects Silver Sands Beach to Charles Island.

As a Connecticut state park, Silver Sands Beach is free to visit and there are no parking fees.

  • Location: 1 Silver Sands Pkwy, Milford, CT 

2. Walnut Beach

Walnut Beach is another great beach in Milford, Connecticut. Located adjacent to Silver Sands State Park, this beach is just as good.

It’s a sandy beach that occasionally hosts sculpture competitions and concerts. There’s also a long pier on the beach that offers great views of the water.

Since Walnut Beach connects with Silver Sand Beach, you’ll get access to the amenities of both beaches when visiting.

  • Location: 119-199 E Broadway, Milford, CT

3. Gulf Beach

Gulf Beach is a small beach found on the other side of Milford Harbor. This spot is less crowded than the other two beaches, but it’s just as beautiful.

Whether you’re swimming or watching the stunning sunsets, you’ll love your time at Gulf Beach.

  • Location: 635 Gulf St, Milford, CT

4. Woodmont Beach

Woodmont Beach is another great beach found across town. This place is known for its awesome walking paths that are super relaxing and serene.

The water at this Milford Beach has an uneven bottom and lots of large rocks, so it isn’t the best beach for swimming. But there are other activities available to make up for it.

For example, this beach has a kid’s playground and a basketball court as well.

  • Location: 39 Beach Ave, Milford, CT

5. Wildemere Beach

Wildemere Beach is one of the quieter Milford beaches. Found a bit further down from Walnut Beach, this strip of coastline is perfect for visitors looking to avoid crowds at the more popular beaches.

Just be aware that there isn’t parking for this beach, so you’ll have to park at Walnut Beach and walk over. Or if you live in the area, you can just walk the entire way.

  • Location: 274 Broadway, Milford, CT

6. Connecticut Audubon Society Coastal Center at Milford Point

If you keep walking south past Wildemere Beach, you’ll eventually get to the Connecticut Audubon Society Coastal Center at Milford Point.

This is a bird and wildlife sanctuary that offers terrific views of Long Island Sound. The area features a number of trails and observation platforms that travel through the beach’s dunes and sandbars.

Plus, there’s a visitor’s center with restrooms if you need them. This is probably the best place to observe nature in Milford.

  • Location: 1 Milford Point Rd, Milford, CT

7. Fort Trumbull Beach

Fort Trumbull Beach is an extremely narrow beach located a bit north of Silver Sands State Park. This is another good beach to walk on but isn’t ideal for swimming.

When you visit this beach it’s important to stay behind the high watermark from the waves or else you be walking in people’s backyards.

Also, it’s best to visit during low tide because the beach virtually disappears during high tide.

  • Location: 2-16 Trumbull Ave, Milford, CT

8. Anchor Beach

Anchor Beach is one of the tinier beaches in Milford. If you’re planning a beach day with your family, this is a great spot to bring small kids swimming since the water is very shallow.

Just try to get to the beach early since parking is very limited in the area.

  • Location: 136 Beach Ave, Milford, CT

Other Beaches near Milford, CT

A good percentage of Connecticut’s top beaches are located here in Milford. But there are a few other solid options in the surrounding towns of West Haven and Stratford. Here are a few of them:

  • Short Beach in Stratford
  • Long Beach in Stratford
  • Oak Street Beach in West Haven

Milford Beaches – Final Thoughts

Those are Milford’s top beaches. The best part about Milford beaches is that most of them are connected. If you start walking at Fort Trumbull Beach, you’ll walk through Silver Sands Beach, Walnut Beach, Wildemere Beach, and eventually end up at the Connecticut Audubon Society.

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